Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Red Nosed One

Another character box...this one is Rudolph...with a shiny nose!

You will need two Top Note die cuts from close to cocoa, and a box like made from the Frankie tutorial. One decorative accent die cut, two 1" circles, two 3/4" black circles, one close to cocoa 1" circle-cut in half , two 3/4 pieces of the large oval punch and a template cut from half a curly label punch. Sponge with chocolate chip all the edges except the white,red and black pieces.

To give Rudolph a shiny nose, apply Crystal Effects or other glaze like liquid to the red circle and set aside to dry, this can take quite a bit of time.

Cut your Decorative Accent in half like shown below.

This will be the antlers. If you do not have this die, there are several other die options, or you could hand cut some.

Attach to the back, top part of one Top Note die cut. Position them however you like. This was the place I chose. I could not decide which looked better, curls up or curls down...so whatever looks best to you.

Create eyes like from the Frankie tutorial, and attach to the front of the same Top Note die cut.

Attach eyelids over eyes with half dimensionals.

Using your curly label template, draw a mouth. Add lines at the end to finish the smile.

Isn't he cute, even without his nose?

And Rudolph's ears on the side of his head at the top corners of the die cut. Again, I was unsure whether to tip them out, up or down......hmmmm.

This was what I decided upon, but perhaps another way would look better. I need to see a picture of Rudolph, but I am too busy to check it out.

I decided that the back of the box needed something so I chose a tail. It has two parts. Not sure if reindeer have two colored tails but the deer around these parts do, so I gave Rudolph a two colored tail. I just layered two large oval punches over each other with one slightly past the next. then attached to the back, lower, center of the second Top Note die cut.

Cute, huh?
I attached the front and back pieces to my box, and then when his nose was dry enough(well almost dry enough) I attached his nose to the center front.

I added my wire as with my other boxes and voila...Rudolph is finished.

Hope Rudolph brightens your day.
Only two more to go!

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Sharon Field / Inky A*Muse-ment said...

I love it... I am your newest follower and fan!! Great job, love the shading and style!