Saturday, September 5, 2009

Count Dracula......mmmuuaaaahhhhhahahahahah!

I've come to teach you how to make DDracula....muahhahahhaha!. Sorry, had to do it.
This is the next in my series of character boxes. I will be making a lot more characters over the next while. I have had requests for some and have thought about others that would work well, so stay tuned!
For today ....Dracula.You will need I sheet of Pale Plum and half a sheet of Black and scraps or red and white, and a length of wire for your handle.

As with the last two characters, cut your pale plum in half long wise and then from one piece cut two Top Note die cuts. The other cut off at 8 1/2" and make box like as before in the post two days ago for Frankie. Cut two half pieces of the Top Note die cuts from black. One can be shorter than the other.

On the longer piece insert bottom corner into a circle punch from the bottom to round the corners or use a corner rounder method of your choice. I use the 1 3/8th punch for a more gradual curve.

Then attach this piece to one of the Top Note die cuts, this will be the back of Dracula's head.

Shorten the other black piece so it is about 1 3/4" long. Then use your 1 3/8th punch to punch out two partial circles. This will give you a nice point in the middle. You may want to make one out of scrap paper first until you are happy with the spacing and then use it as a template for your original.

Then attach this hair piece to your other Top Note die cut.

Now for Dracula's eyes, I have two very close in size punches. My SU 1" and another (the orange one) which is a smidgen bigger. It does not have the size on it. If you do not have this one I would simple cut another from my SU one and offset it a touch to get the slightly red edge as shown below. The black part is a 3/4" punch. The white line is drawn with a signo gel pen.

I cut two triangles using my large star punch from SU. Then using my template for Frankie's mouth ( a half cut out of the curly label punch) I drew the curve line over the top edge of the teeth.I then cut the excess away.

Here is my mouth template. Use it to draw your mouth.

Then attach your teeth. I decided to add some "blood" using my real red ink. This is optional.

To make the nose cut half a round tab punch and sponge the edges with black ink. If you wish to add the nostrils, simply cut out partial circles using your 1/2" circle punch. Again you may want to make a template for this first so placement is even on both sides.

Now attach the eyes so that they mostly cover the top edge of the nose. I also did not sponge the top edge of my nose so it was less visible.

Then punch a pale Plum circle using your orange circle punch if you have it, or the largest circle you used for your eyes. Cut it in half and sponge the edges. Attach with dimensionals over each eye. Oops I forgot to sponge before attaching!

Attach front to your box, and then back to your box and then add wire as shown in the Frankie box tutorial.

Here is the box back.

And here are all three characters so far. Aren't they cute?

Have fun making these, I know I am. They go together quite quickly and you can't help but smile at them.



Vina said...

Hi, I just popped over from your SCS post. I love your detailed tutorial! Thank you so much for sharing!
Take care.

LeAnn said...

I'm so glad I found your blog - love it!!

Jules said...

So cooool! I love the Dracula one the best so far.


Sherrill Graff owner said...

You always have great ideas, thanks for sharing.
Sherrill Graff

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, these are SOOOO cute! Thank you for sharing how you made them. I spent the morning making all three designs and they came out really cute! I think I like Frankenstein best.

Thanks again!!

lisa808 said...

Thanks for the cute project/tutorial. I just posted my version and linked back to you.