Friday, February 26, 2010

March Class Preview

Here is the revised project for my March classes. It is almost exactly like Amanda's mini that a sent her in January for the TWS swap on the scrap beach.
I thought you might enjoy seeing it in different papers.

It has one less page than Amanda's as well. That key is so kewl. It looks real but it is just chipboard embossed. I could not get 18 keys for a reasonable price and the one I used on Amanda's was from my stash, so not a recent item.

I hope you enjoy the video.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February swap Mini has Arrived!

I received my February swap mini fro Amy today.
I had to wait for my son to go nap to do the video, that was torture....well not really but I so wanted to open it right away.

I hope you enjoy the video, the mini is soooo pretty. Amy says it is not Marion worthy.Now for those of you who don't know- Marion is a papercrafter who does the most amazing minis. You can heck out her work on YouTube under apieceofcraftdotcom. Anyway, when Amy asked what I liked for a mini, I told her I like Marion's style. So she made me a mini that is definitley Marion worthy. I love everything about it.
Thanks you Amy, I LOVE it!


Peep Peep! A Sweet Tutorial!

Are you ready for some more fun character boxes?
I think so, so here are two just in time for Easter. Today I will share how to make the chick box.

Isn't he adorable? Sorry for the angle, I was trying to show how his beak stands out.

Start with a piece of cardstock for your box that measures 8 1/2" x 4 1/4". Score portrait wise 1" in from each side.

Then turn your paper landscape wise and score in 3 1/2" from each side.

Crease all the score lines with your bone folder.

Using scissors, cut the center side flaps as shown above. This should be four small cuts just into the score line.

Apply adhesive to TWO of the outside edges of two of the longer flaps on the same side, as shown above.

Close sides of box so flaps overlap enough to cover the adhesive. You can secure the adhesive by using your bone folder on the inside of the box.

Here is the finished box, set aside for now.

Cut out two Top Note die shapes. For those who don't have this shape but have other ways to copy it, the finished size is 3 1/2" x 4 1/2".

Sponge you edges. I use chocolate chip ink.

Using the full heart punch from Stampin Up cut out a heart shape.

Then score down the center and diagonally as shown above.

Fold on the crease lines and then sponge the edges.

Apply adhesive to the two flaps, as shown above.

Fold flaps under and partially over each other and attach to center of Top Note , as shown.

The beak should be standing out from the die cut a bit.

To make the eyes, cut one 1" circle from yellow(So Saffron), two 1" circles from white and two 3/4" circles from black cardstock.

Cut the yellow circle in half.

Sponge the edges.

Using a white gel pen, make a small line on the side of each black circle, as shown.

Attach the black circle onto the white circles. I like to place them slightly to the bottom and have the white line on the same side for each eye. Changing the position can change the expression!

Attach some foam dimensionals to the back of each lid, I cut mine in half.

Attach the eyes to the die cut , just above the beak.

Add the lids above each eye, again the position can determine facial expression.

Using the same yellow cardstock and the five petal flower punch, also from Stampin Up, cut out a partial flower as shown.

Sponge the edges.

Apply adhesive to the bottom as shown.

Then attach to the top of the die cut as shown.

Punch out a scallop circle and cut in half.

Sponge the edges and add adhesive to the shapes as shown.

Attach to the die cut sides, as shown, for the wings. We are almost finished.

Add sticky strip to the box, as shown.

Attach your front and back to the box the same way.

Punch 1/16" holes in the side of the box, on both sides.

Wrap a 12-14" piece of wire around a pencil to coil it.

Insert wire into holes on the sides of the box and bend to keep inside the box. I use small pliers to bend it.And your done! The tutorial is long but the actual process goes quite quick. I hope you enjoyed, watch for the bunny tutorial, coming soon!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Character Boxes

Here are my Character boxes for Easter. Tutorials will follow shortly. They are in the works! I hope you enjoy them. Not sure if there will be a third.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Mini from Amanda

Hi Everyone,
Sorry for not being regular with my posts lately.

I received my first swap mini. It came all the way from the United Kingdom. Thank you Amanda, it is beautiful. I received it a bit ago and did the video the next day, but I have been so busy with classes and family that it has taken me a while to get some posts online. Hope you enjoy the video.

I hope you enjoyed the video. I have learned that seeing the pictures or video is never as nice as it is in person. So if you think it is pretty here, know it is even prettier in person.


February Swap Mini

Here is a video of the mini I made for the Trade Wind Swap on the Scrap Beach. This one goes to Amy in the US. At least this one did not have to go over seas.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine Treat Holder Tutorial

Every year I try to make homemade treat holders or Valentine's for my daughter;s class, sometimes I do and most of the time I don't, but this year I did. YAY! It helped that I ordered the heart treat cups as soon as I saw them. If I waited to order them I know it would have been too late.

I just made a very simple holder witha trap door so you can get the candy out without ruining the card.
To see how I made it check out the video clip below.