Thursday, July 14, 2016

Little Red Handbag

I recently started making handbags. It is very fun to do and I have always enjoyed learning new craft things. This bag is for my daughter, when she found out I made a handbag for myself she stated she wanted one. I told her perhaps for her birthday!

 This handbag is my own design but was inspired by a picture of a bag style she sent to me. This bag is really not much like the bag picture but I was pleased that I was able to duplicate the handle attachment as it was quite unique. The inside has a recessed zippered closure.
 There are also slot pockets on one side and a side zippered pocket on the other side on the inside of the bag.

 The bag is a good size and had handles for carrying and also has a  detachable shoulder strap. The shoulder strap does not need to be removed as it can be tucked inside the bag and does not show. It has a firm bottom with bag feet as well.
 It is soft sided, but could easily be made rigid by the addition of a firmer interfacing.
 My favorite part of the bag was the handle attachment and being able to figure out how to duplicate it from the picture sample she sent me.
Here she is receiving the bag and she was in love with it. I have to say when I seen her using it I felt so excited, cause then I knew she really did love it!

Happy Birthday Jessica! Love Mom.