Friday, September 4, 2009

I Want My MUMMY!

Okay, I have decided to make a MUMMY box to match my Frankie box. I decided to post pictures of the construction because I did it differently, as you will see, from the Frankie box.

To begin you will need one and a quarter sheets of Very Vanilla, one half sheet of basic black, scraps of black and white, and 15" of a medium weight wire. I use wreath wire. Chocolate chip ink and a sponge. I cut my Very vanilla done the center long wise making two 4 1/4" by 11" pieces. The one piece I tore into strips the whole way. The width of your strip can vary. The other piece I cut of the section at 8 1/2" for the box and made it the exact same way as in the Frankie box from yesterday's post. I then cut out a nose using my round tab punch(just half a piece) and then one 1 1/4" circle for the eyelids and tore it in half. I then tore the rest of my very vanilla into more strips for the covering. My black pieces are both 4" x 5" ( big enough for the Top Note die to cut out). The eye are two 1" white circles and two 3/4" black circles.I hope that I got it all, as shown in picture above.

To add depth, I sponged all the edges of my torn strips of paper, the edges of my box and the eyelid and nose pieces. I also pinches creases in the strips and then sponged those edges as well.

My strip now look similar to this...

and here is the box. You can leave it like this or finish it the way I show later on.

On one piece of my black paper I adhered strips to cover it all.This will be the back of my MUMMY box. Set this aside for now.

For the other piece of black I added top and bottom strips first. Then I chose a piece that had a bit of curve in it that would work well for a mouth opening.

My next piece curved slightly the opposite way, so that the mouth could appear slightly open. This will never be the same on two cards.

I then layed a piece across the top edge where I thought I would like the eyes to go. I then tucked the eyes in behind the paper edge and adhered them in place.

After then attaching that strip of paper, I added my last strip and then placed the nose in the center. The nose could be on dimensionals if desired.

I added a half dimensional to each eyelid, and then placed them in place over the eyes.

You can now take both front and back pieces to your die cutting machine and position over the Top Note die and cut our the shapes. These are now ready to adhere to your box front and back.

I had some extra strips of torn paper left so I decided to cover the sides of my box as well. I cut them to fit and re-sponged the outside edges.

I added some more curled wire as I did with the Frankie box.

Here is the view of the back of the box.

And the two boxes together. Aren't they cute. These are really fun to make. You can't help but smile at them. Hmmm, I may try tucking the top edge of the mummy nose under an edge of the torn paper next time.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial as much as I enjoyed making them. I also hope you try them yourself.


Unknown said...

Tammy the mummy looks fantastic as well I think I like him the best out of the two. . .oh geez I don't know I love Frankie as well guess I love them both and I decided I was going to make them even if we don't celebrate it as much as you in the States. There will be some kids here in my country town that celebrate it so I will be prepared for it with some fabulouso Frankies and Mummies lol. Great tutorials as usual.

LeAnn said...

I just love these!! So cute! Could you make a turkey for Thanksgiving and Santa for Christmas? Thanks for sharing.