Monday, November 3, 2008

Club Card

I am part of a group that meets monthly to share ideas and learn new ones. We each take a turn for the year being the "hostess" and receiving the Hostess benefits. It is sooo much fun. Well, I have been helping with ideas for the class projects and this was one we did for October. I had so much fun doing this card.
the final card had a small piece of DS paper from Urban Garden in matching green alont the bottom white area., but I don't have a picture of that. We used a mask to create the moon image and Stazon ink for the sihouette image. The whole card is done on Glossy white so the ink blends well.

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Anonymous said...

Tammy, that is such a beautiful card! I am going to case it for sure, but it won't look anything like yours!!!LOL! I am not that good at blending colors yet!!!
Love your blog, by the way! You are so creative.