Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Project Fund Raiser

A Friend of mine who coaches several local Cheer leading groups saw my word books and said it would be nice to do one for Cheer leading, and I suggested she could sell them to raise money for cheer leading. Parents could buy them as keepsakes for their children involved in Cheer leading. It will give the cheer leaders a keepsake and also provide funding for the teams. She liked the idea and here is the book I came up with. It will only be available through my friend and only for those involved in cheer leading. It is ready for pictures and journaling.

Here is one of the inside pages to give you a bit of an idea what the inside is like.The letters on the cover are the school initials...which, yes I need to change one because it is lower case...oops..already have it to replace but the book is with my friend, she will be getting the replacement tomorrow before she shows it to anyone. It is hard to tell but the third color is Night of Navy.

Thanks for looking,


Sue Frelick said...

Wow, Tammy! Your business is growing leaps and bounds. I hope the fund raiser is a great success for you and the girls.

Taunie said...

I noticed that on one of the word books you said you were working on a PDF tutorial...I was wondering if you had gotten that done. And if you did if you were making it available. Also if possible can you give the height demensions? I am trying to do a class next month.

Project Create said...

Taunie, you did not leave your e-mail for me to contact you. I am working on some PDF file tutorials, but not for the WORD books. One is for a Gratitude Journal book, the other is for the 3D stars.

Taunie said...

Sorry, I am an air head that way sometimes, and then lost your blog...just found it! My email is trpenna@msn.com. I am going to make these for my squad. I thing it is to much to do for a class. the class I do is VERY beginner, and I think it would be too much for them.