Monday, November 3, 2008

Craft Show Table Display

Well here is what my table looked like for my first craft show this past weekend. When I called to book a table it was advertised as a Flea Market, Craft , Bake Sale with Canteen, but when I got there the sign by the road said Flee Market. It was a beautiful fall day...perfect for attendance..or so one would think. It was not overly busy maybe 100 people all day. Very few visited our table, but overall we had a good day. Tables were not expensive, but there were some who attended who did not even cover table rental and we did way better than that.
Next time I will be sure to sign up for "a Craft Show". When I was getting ready for this show I was worried I would not have enough to fill the table, but I had plenty.

The card display holders I got from a local hardware store worked great for showing my cards and card candy. I know next time I need to take something to work at while I sit there.


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Anonymous said...

Tammy, don't be discouraged. While we were in Okinawa,Japan I attended a craft fair every month, and there were good ones and bad ones. Your creations are gorgeous and I am sure that everyone that has an eye for crafts, can see that you do stunning work. The next one will be better :D:D