Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tim Holtz Mini

I was lucky enough to be one of the few to purchase, at quite an expense, a Tim Holtz mini kit from his Etsy shop. It arrived and I have completed putting it together. Above is the contents before assembly. It does come with extra supplies that do not get used in the album. There is extra tissue tape and letters.

Here is the finished album. It is quite small but adorable. It took just over an hour to assemble and aside from the tissue tape, I had no difficulty with it. The tissue tape was quite difficult to get started, it kept tearing to the side. Once I got it going it worked great. I recommend making sure it is going good before starting to use it on your projects.

There are several pockets inside with an assortment of pages. There are tabs with labels.

The pockets open from the top and are sealed on the bottom and sides using the tissue tape included in the kit.

I love this little project but definitley feel it was way overpriced.
Did I enjoy it: YES!

Would I purchase another from his Etsy: Tot Sure!

Only because I feel it was way overpriced for what it included. $55.00 for the above materials. Shipping was also expensive.

Tutorial: Fair, was only typed instructions. No pictures except on the cover page. It does include the measurement so you can easily recreate additional books.

I am a Tim Holtz fan and hope this doesn't come across otherwise.

It is an adorable mini album.



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nice book Tammy but I have to say that your original work is equally good! Sorry I didn't get to see you at club this month - maybe next month. Happy Holidays - Nancy