Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Little Lamb Tutorial

And here is the three Easter boxes. Today I will do the tutorial for the lamb.

Here is the little lamb, I added eyelids at the end, but forgot to redo this picture and the boxes are on display at the craft room where I teach classes, so sorry for him looking surprised!

You will need two of the larger scallop circle from the Sizzix scallop circles #2 die ( a Nestability would work as well 3 1/2" across). Two designer label punches in black. Three small punch flowers, one wide oval in black, a smaller black flower, two petals from the five petal flower punch, 2 1/2" white circles and two 1/8" black circle ( handheld punch) and a small bow. You will also need a box as made in the chick tutorial.

Using black ink, sponge the edges of all your white pieces except for the 1/2" white circle(eyes).

Cut the designer labels in half, these will be the legs.

Attach two to the bottom front and two to the bottom back, as shown above.

Attach one scallop circle to the back of the box, just covering the top of the legs, as shown above.

Attach the small black flower to the scallop circle, this will be the tail.

To make the face, attach the wide oval to the center of the other scallop circle, as shown.

Then attach the three white flowers to the top part of the wide oval as shown, I do the outside ones first and the center one last. I also use glue got or glue only in the center, as I have to put the ears under the edges.

Add a glue dot to the back of each petal ( ear) and insert under the flowers you just put on in the last step, this will be the ears. You can position them how you want.

Attach the two 1/2" circle to the center of the wide oval for the lamb's eyes, as shown below.

Using a white gel pen add some small white glint to each small black circle, as shown below.

Attach them to the 1/2" white circles keeping them even and slightly to the bottom, as shown. Then you should attach the eyelids, which is a 1/2" black circle cut in half and on dimensionals but I forgot to do this until the very end.

Attach the bow to the center white flower, as shown. Then attach the scallop circle to the box as with the first scallop circle, but on the other side of the box.

Here the lamb is with eyelids.

And here she is. I guess she is a girl, she has a pink bow!

and from the back....
I hope you enjoyed these Easter boxes.



Debbie said...

those are adorable!! I am gonna have to try those, my kids will love them!

Grandma Debbie said...

You are amazing...these are so cute. Will diffinately be making these. (remember I thought the bunny was purple)

girls will love them

Richelle said...

TAmmy. so clever and the lamb box and thankyou for this amazing creation..

Dana Jones said...

Omg!these are adorable! Thank you so very much for shaing them! I cannot wait to make them.

Kim Burmeister said...

Tammy, these are the cutest boxes evah! I made the chick one and can't wait to make the others. Thanks for much for you tutorials. You are the sweetest!

Sharon Fritz said...

Ewe did a great job! Love the little Lamb.

Whimcees said...

I have just discovered your blog by way of Creations by Patti. I love your projects and will be checking each day to see what wonders you have created!

Thank you for sharing! Wishing you a great weekend!

Barbara Diane said...

just when I think they can't get any cuter! you come up with another! Hope you and the rest of the gang a feeling better soon. Nancy LeB

Anonymous said...

these are so cute!!!
you are so creative!!
i'm going to make these for my kids and anyone else i can make them for!!!

Beanner said...

I want to thank you for sharing your easter basket .I have made all three and they turn out adorable.Your tutorials are very easy to follow.Well be sharing the baskets at work for the tables in our break room. once again Thank's munch!!!