Monday, March 1, 2010

Cutest Bunny Ever Tutorial

Are you ready for this? I changed the bunny!
He just was not quite cute enough for me, so here is my revised bunny! I hope you like him as much as I do.

My friend suggested he have feet and isn't that bow just adorable. So to begin you will need the following...
2 -die cut Top Note shapes
4 -wide oval punches
2 -3/4" black circles
2- pink large ovals
2 -brown large ovals
1 -heart shape
2-1 3/8" cirlces with small piece cut off
1 -1"circle in brown
2- 3/4" circles in pink
2- 1/2" circles in pink
4- 1/4" circles in pink
1 - box made the same as from the chick tutorial

Sponge all the edges!

Add adhesive to the box as shown.

Attach one Top Note to the box for the back of your bunny.

Apply adhesive to two of the wide ovals

Attach two large ovals as shown.

Attach two more large ovals(brown) as shown. These will be the ears so they can be whatever direction you want your ears to go.

Add adhesive, as shown.

Attach to the back of your second Top Note shape as shown.

Attach the smaller pink circles to each of the last two wide ovals as shown below, these will be the bunny feet.

Attach these to the front of the Top Note shape, as shown.

Add the glint to the black eyes as shown, I used my signo gel pen.

Attach eyes just above the center on the Top Note face shape, as shown below.

Cut the 1" brown circle in half and add half a dimensional to the back, these are the eyelids.

Place them over the bunny's eye.
Attach the two larger circles with the pieces cut off to the center of the Top Note, Just covering the bottom edge of the eyes, as shown. Be sure the edges are snug against each other.

Attach the heart shape where the two circles meet and just below the eyes, for his nose!

Don't forget his whisker dots.

Isn't he looking adorable!

Using a cotton ball, attach using glue to the back of your box, as shown.

If you want your bunny to have a bow, tie a bow. I used chocolate chip satin ribbon.

Attach bow just below one of his ears.

Add wire handle as previously shown in the chick tutorial.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, these characters always put a smile on my face. They are so easy to make.


...Tara... said...

omg this is the CUTEST thing ever!!! I was hoping you would show how you did it!!! Thanks so much :D

Kim Burmeister said...

Tammy, this is the cutest bunny evah! I love it! Wow! You are amazing and thanks for sharing this with us.

Unknown said...

A super cute Bunny! Thanks for sharing. Whiskers might make him complete!

Anonymous said...

You are so awesome!!! I love all your cute projects! Thanks so much for sharing. Your blog is one of my favorites.


Rosalien Zwackhalen said...

Tammy, these are great, I love it. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing your tutorial.:))


Unknown said...

Tammy, Love your mini Welcome Neighbor album. I would move to your neighborhood just to get one of those!!!! Your work is just great, so creative. Your bunny, and friends are so cute. Will be trying my hand at those for my grandson. Thanks for sharing.

gina f said...