Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Valentine's Treat Box Tutorial

I made this treat holder a bit ago and promised a tutorial for it, well here it is. It is a video tutorial and is a bit broken up as I had to edit to get under the 10 minutes time frame YouTube allows. I may also make a picture tutorial for this but will have to wait to see how my schedule goes for the rest of the week.

I hope you enjoy it and are able to understand it enough to make some of your own.

Edited to add: The circle for the ornament die is 2" across, for those who want to make their own without the die, hope this helps.


Winnie and Patty said...

Tammy this is so cute! And thanks for posting my blog candy! You have a great blog and I will be visiting it regularly! TFS your talent! And good luck in the blog candy give away! Patty

Debbie said...

Tammy that is adorable..would like to make these for my grandkids school treat but don't have the ornament die. What is the diminsion of the circle on the die set. See if we can make our own!!