Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Craft Visitors

I had some visitors to my craft room over the Christmas break. I thought I would just let them choose something from my display items to make, they each chose something different. Asia(hope this is spelled right) made a carousel trinket box. She did a fabulous job. At first her choice of colors had me concerned as I was not sure I had any paper to match the colors she wished to work with but SU had some retired paper that worked perfectly.

This guy took some time to find just the right project for him, but once he did he moved along quite quickly. Kade(again not sure of the spelling) chose a Friendship box. We used the instructions found at the link posted here. I personally had not made one before as was a little hesitant about doing this project but it was a fun project to do. I had one on display as I was supposed to do one in a class but for some reason missed the class and the instructor completed mine for me.

My last guest made and accordion fold album. Tia(spelling?), I think, found the project a bit long but she stuck it out and completed her project, complete with a stamped and colored image of Tinker Bell on the cover. The inside had pockets with tags for each page. It has a ribbon closure.
I hope they enjoyed their day in my craft room as much as I enjoyed having them there. I was very impressed at how skilled they were. They did not need much help from me. I could tell them what was next and they had no trouble completing the task.
When they arrived they came bearing gifts. They brought me a delicious Cinnamon bun roll that was the size of a pie plate. It did not take long for that to disappear, although since it's disappearance, I have noticed my pant have gotten a bit tighter, hmmm!

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you are such a great teacher! They did very well on their projects - Nancy