Sunday, December 20, 2009

Card Making Day 2009

I am quite a bit late posting these images, but better late than never.

In November, my cousins and my sister and I got together again for another year of Christmas Card Making. Above is a cousin with several of her cards. She made multiples of each. I think each year they get prettier. It takes us all afternoon, but usually everyone goes home with about 20 - 30 cards finished.

This is my sister and her cards, again she made multiples of each.

And here is the star of the day, another cousin, she made the most cards ...she is amazing...zoom, zoom! Just look at all those cards! And she did not make as many multiples, but some are.

There was also another cousin there, but due to a family incident she left early. She made multiples of this card. I finished several up for her that she had started but then had to leave.

And this was the card I worked on, I tend to make one card and make multiples of it for everyone. I am way behind this year. I normally make 50-60 cards total, so far only 25, but working on trying to get them all done. I wonder if I will ever get things done early?
I hope you enjoyed a peak at our fun day. I look forward to it every year.
It is not always easy to get everyone together, but we are always glad when it works out.

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Jules said...

Simply gorgeous! My mom made me another one this year at her Stampin' Up class. I am really in love with the product! Now, to get a full time job and a place of my!

Kudos to your cousins and sister on their works, and of course yours!