Friday, December 5, 2008

I've Been Chosen to....

Receive this award...the Keative Blogger award. Joani over at Cards made by Hand has nominated me. Joani thanks so much for thinking I deserve such an award. I have always loved being creative.

Here are the rules: The winner may put the logo on their blog; put a link back to the person that sent you the award; nominate 5 blogs; put links to their blogs; leave a message for your nominees.

So here are my nominees....dum, dum de dum.......(that was supposed to be a drum roll)...

I have to say it is a challenge to only pic 5 but here goes.

I chose Arin at Arin Stamps , her Blog is very very new, but from what I see so far , it is gonna be one to keep an eye on,
Wendybell at Wickedly Wonderful Creations. Absolutely beautiful creations.
SparkleGirl at her Blog, love the simplicity yet detailed work in her cards,
Jackie at Kreate with Me 2 , another newbie, but by the looks of what she has created so far another one worth watching,
Tracy over at Who Is Tracy, Tracy has many areas of creativity...from what I can see....kind of like me.
I hope I did everything right for this....and thanks you everyone for sharing in the joy and fun of creativity.



Anonymous said...

Thank you Tammy!!! I'll try to play along...please don't be mad if it takes me a's been so busy around here!!! I'm still trying to catch up on some things...but I really appreciate you thinking of me!!! Hugs~S~

Jacquel said...

Thank you so much for this award Tammy! I'm PIF tonight!! Thanks again for thinking of me & my blog!!!!!