Thursday, June 12, 2008

Special Request

My neighbor asked me to make this special guest book for her daughter's baby shower. She wanted pastel colors - blue, pink, green and yellow, a place for Guests from the shower, places for pictures, a place where guests could write parental Advise, a place where visitors to the hospital could be written and a place to record gifts received, otherwise the creation was up to me. She has previously ordered a BABY word book and was pleased with the results. I was a bit nervous but she was very happy with the results. Above is the cover.
Here is just inside the cover, the first place for a picture and some journaling.
and here is the place for guests from the shower. Oh, she only wanted the book 6 pages long. The covers are covered chipboard, but the pages are just cardstock.
Another place for a picture and more journaling.
Here is the page to record gifts received. I also included a place to mark down if a thank you was sent.
and here is the place for hospital visitors to sign. I have not shown the page for the advice since my neighbor immediately wrote her advice down before I took pictures of the book, but it is the same as the other pages except for the title. There was also a couple of pages with just lines for additional writings. I sponged the outside edges of the book. and it is bound with the Bind it All tool. I was unable to print out the lines from my computer cause my printer is not working great, so I used my Stamp-ma-Jig alot to get the lines just right.

well thanks again,

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Tess said...

You did such a great job on this. Your neighbor should be very happy with this. It turned out so pretty.