Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Gift for Two of my Girls

For Easter, I made these name plates for two of my girls. They gave me ideas about what they wanted on them, and these are the result.

Sammy Jo, like orange so hers has lots of orange hues. She always is dressed gorgeous so I had to add the sentiment "Glam Girl". The rest is just random fun embellies.

Stephanie was given the nickname "step on me" by her great grandfather, when he was alive, so she opted for that name on the plate. Very few people are aloud to call her by that name. She also loves zebra stripes so there are those on the back ground. She chose greens and blues. I added some bling because she also loves to looks fabulous. and of course since the zebra striped aren't black I added a black flower.
I am working on getting my flowers ready to sell to those who want them ready made instead of having to make them. Keep an eye out for them.
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...Tara... said...

Oh these are just gorgeous!! I'm happy to see what you did with that stamp set :) Great job!!

Lynn said...

Tammy, I love your tags. Do you mind telling me what you made them out of?

Project Create said...

Hi Lynn,
The tags are ade from lightweight chipboard.