Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tag Tins for Craft Show!

Tins and Tags! Tags in Tins! Tins full of Tags, that's what these are.
These are another item for the craft show. Do you like the packaging for these? I had one previously made in two different sizes. Today I was able to get 8 more large tins completed.

These tins each have 8 tags in a aluminum tin. The tins are about 2 and 3/4" across.
I put the center part of the tag on the lid so they would not have to be opening the tins over and over again, although that may happen anyway. Inside the lid is my Angel Policy stamp as on the back of each tag is a to / from stamp except for one set.

There are snowmen, trees and snowflakes. If I have time I will make more, but I still have other items I need to work on. I spent all day on these.

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