Monday, February 8, 2016

Visiting Teaching Handout for February 2016

Our sister's in our church monthly visits our sisters and present a spiritual message and check on their personal welfare. This month's is on Marriage is ordained of God. 
After reading  the message this is a handout idea that came to mind.
As a couple works individually towards the Lord, they also get closer to each other. This handout is interactive and shows how they achieve this. You can use this idea for your visiting teaching if you wish.
First I cut a piece of blue card stock in half longwise.

 Then I die cut a heart out where I wanted the fold line to be. I did not want to cut through the whole way so I positioned my cut plate only over the part I wanted to cut.
 I then folded at the bottom of the cut out.
 This left a space at the bottom back that was longer than the front, this is because the people attatched later kind of hang down past the edge.
 I then used a die to cut out figures representing a man and a woman.
 I copied the part of the message that went with his handout and pasted to the inside of the card
 On the cover of the card I punch 3 holes using a 1/16th inch hole punch as shown in image.
 I then punched two holes in each figure as shown. They are slightly angled on purpose as they will be sliding up the string on an angle.
 I then cut string about 18 inches long and threaded through the top holes in a figure
 try to center mid way on string
 then thread top piece through hole on top of card
 and the lower piece through the bottom side hole on card
 turn card over and pull string end towards top of card trying to keep them even
 tie in a knot at the top hole as shown
 then pull leftover string towards bottom of card and knot off two pieces together
 this will be your pull cord to lift figure closer to the lord.
 I then made a small tab to put over to keep it on the side of each person so the strings didn't get tangled.

 Thread other figure onto card as done for first figure but on the other side of card, going through the same top hole.
 Finish off the same as for first string
 Turn card over and gently pull figures to the bottom of the card
 I then used a small piece of pop up adhesive to attach a heart to each figure, being careful to NOT cover the string

 Then I printed a small image of the Savior , die cut it out with a circle punch and attached it to the front of a larger heart
 On the back of this heart I added several pop ups and then adhered to top of card, centering inside the die cut card base heart and being careful, again, not to stick to the strings.

 You can now pull on the strings and see the figures move towards the Savior and also get closer to each other.
 This is them both at the top
 To pull them back down turn card face over and slide knot back to the top.

 I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
It has been a while since I posted,

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