Thursday, May 23, 2013

Spring Charm Wedding Set

Spring Charm is my Accucut Grand Mark Challenge submission for 2013

The Invitation uses A9 Cards - Frame die number NC102 and Envelope Pocket die EV825

The Escort card is made using #10 card inserts die number NC669 (2 of 2). The smallest insert and is then folded in half. I then used Jar Accessories die number J1039 and used the label die shape.
The process to get the name centered was fun to do but quite easy to repeat.

The Menu also used A9 Cards - Frame die NC102 and I created the mat using the same die.I can hardly wait for the new pinnovation dies that are already a perfect mat for this shape.

The Seating Arrangement was made using the negative from Seals die NC658 as the top layer and the printout as the bottom layer.
I cut away the top center tab to allow for the title.
And I see a gem fell off. There should be a second gem on the right side of the title.

The RSVP card and envelope. I used A2 Cards - Frame die NC110 for the reply and I used Envelope A2-Crease EV700 for the envelope but folded it policy style.

The Save the Date used used die A2 Card - Foldout NC241 and the folded over edge was embossed.

The Favor Box was created using a fun pinnovation die called Box-Bon Bon BX121.

The Table number sign was created using A2 Cards -Frame die NC110 and a quarter of a piece of cardstock for the backing.

The inside of the Save the Date with the mat created also using the A2 Cards - Frame die NC110

The Whole Set- Spring Charm.
I hope you enjoyed this set.

You can check out all the submissions at Accucut Craft 


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Anonymous said...

Love your projects! Thanks for sharing! What font did you use for this one? Soooo pretty!