Sunday, October 24, 2010

Flowers and More Flowers

Beautiful Flowers. So many flowers. I am no longer able to make my flowers for order. I am grateful to everyone who ordered these from me, but with my new job, I just don't get much craft time anymore. I miss it terribly and perhaps once my probationary period is over and I get an actual part time position, I will be able to have time to paper craft.

You can still make these on your own by watching my Ustream or Youtube videos showing how I make these beautiful flowers. I know they look difficult to make, but they are easy. You can use what you have, whatever punches or dies you have, each flower is unique. You can glimmer mist or use patterned paper, all of which makes each blossom a thing of beauty.

The large ones are my favorite. They remind me of magnolia blossoms. I once had a magnolia tree. It was a gift. I never did get to see it bloom because a neighbors dogs would pee on the tree every chance it got and killed it.
I was originally asked to be on the Paper Cubed Design team for 6 months but I received an e-mail stating I could stay on as long as I like. I will still be staying on. I know it will be a challenge to meet the monthly challenge but I feel it will keep me involved with paper crafting so I don't completely lose my favorite hobby.


Jude said...

Beautiful Tammy,
I hope all goes well sister in your venture back to paper craft. I knw we all need to look after others,b 4 ourselves, but bear in mind, thats what we do best as Mum"s, wifes and sisters.

Kia Kaha
JudeXX :-)

Jude said...

Keep some time aside for U.