Wednesday, September 15, 2010

For A Special Friend

I was invited recently to an appreciation night for a good friend. We had to make a tag, card or postcard with a comment on it about why we appreciated this special person. This is the card I made for her. I also had to include a ribbon/fiber on it that represented her favorite color...which I got wrong! This fiber has brown and blue on it, my idea was blue. BUT... I now know her favorite color, burgundy.

I know it is not very feminine but I knew she would know it was from me because it is my style. I included a key because she knows the key to being a good friend and a "friend" charm, well because she is one of mine.

The lock is because she knows how to unlock my heart and allows me to be me. She always accepts me no matter what. She is supportive and always happy for me when I am happy and comforts me when sad. Inside there was a special message just for her. I went to my mailbox today and you know what, I got a special card from her expressing her appreciation for me. She is just like that.
Love you my special friend...


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Sue Frelick said...

What a sweet post, Tammy.

And for anyone who enjoyed seeing this beautiful card, it was even more amazing in person. (No, I'm not the special friend. I was at the party where she received Tammy's card :-)