Wednesday, October 7, 2009

On the 11th Week of Christmas...

Here is what the 11th week before Christmas brings. ..A gift card holder. It is made with the Top Note die and I used the same layout as for the card to decorate it. I made one in more neutral colors and one in the same colors as last weeks card. I have searched various Top Note gift card holders and have not seen one made like this as yet. That is not to say that this one hasn't been made because there is no way I could check everywhere, but this is my version.

Here is the one like last week's card. I chose a gift card holder for my 2nd project because since the invention of gift cards, I know they are used a lot.

Here they are side by side. This tutorial will ONLY be available for purchase until next weeks posting. I am not showing you the inside as I feel if you want to see, you will purchase the tutorial.
Happy 11th week to Christmas.

11th week to Christmas Gift Card Holder tutorial $2.00

This Tutorial is no longer available for purchase.


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helen said...

Love those TopNote gift box. Great colors too.