Thursday, August 6, 2009

CAMP Scrapbook

Okay, here is one of my classes for the fall. I love doing word books, they give you a ready made theme and putting them together is so much fun.

I try not to get too elaborate in my books because we do have a time limit for the class... I remember my first class...yikes it went way over the scheduled time, but all the ladies were so good about it and I think they all still come to my classes. Thank you all so much for not giving up on my classes.

I also try to add some interactive feature to my books, and this is one in this book. It is not my original idea but thought it was cute. I just wish I had purchased the wheel stamp that had a sign on it that said " Do Not Feed the Bears", it would have went so good with this page.
For those who attend this class, you will notice I changed how I am doing my word books, at least giving it a try.


Unknown said...

super cute!

Primitive Seasons said...

Hi Tammy: Love all your creations. What do you use to create such large letter for your little albums, a Cricut? Are they worth purchasing? Thanks for your input.


Project Create said...

I do not own a cricut, I hand design my letters as a template and then cut my pages for a class from my template. The first design is abit of work, but then copying them for a class is quite easy.