Friday, May 15, 2009

Let's get Organized!

How is this for organized? (sorry for the picture color quality- not sure what happened, but it is the same item in all the pictures) This handy little storage unit has a section with dividers that can hold recipes, coupons or whatever works for you. Then there is a removable pocket book with sections that you can take with you when you head to the grocery store.

I am so excited at how it turned out. The holder fits nicely onto your counter in your kitchen. You can keep you recipes for the week in it and plan your grocery shopping from it, and or you can keep coupons in and when you go shopping place the ones you need in the pocket book to take to the store with you. As you see in the first picture, the pocket book also fits into the counter holder. I think I am going to be adding one or two more items to this class. An altered notepad and possibly a pen for a grocery list or to do list that will also fit in the carrier. How convenient will that all be for shopping?

Here is the carrier closed. It had an elastic closure that keeps everything all secure and tidy.

Here is the inside of the coupon carrier. It has three sections for your convenience. The note pad could easily be kept in one of the sections. Coupons in another and money or to do list in the other. Don't you just love being organized?

I have another class ready is even more exciting than this one. I will give a sneak peak tomorrow. This one will be a class available online as well. I have all the pictures ready to go, just need to get them into a PDF file.


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