Saturday, April 25, 2009

MOM word book

My newest WORD book creation...a book for Mom. The letters on this book were the biggest challenge as I created them from scratch using a drafting curve. I just now finished preparations for my upcoming class of 10 on Wednesday night. This little book sure took a long time to prep. It uses lots of die cuts and texture effects. The mom's who get these books will surely love them.

A close shows just a bit of the detail in this book. Hmmm, now to come up with another idea for a class. Actually I have several ideas in the works, it is just deciding which one to do next.Decisions, decisions.

Below is a peek at the inside. The background has been texturized using a bone folder and a ScorPal. I am loving the Little Leaves and Swirly dies. Two pockets made from the scallop envelope die, each with tags. The one tag is actually a mini tag book.

I keep a binder with page protectors in it, each page protector has a card stock color label on it. In each page protector I keep my scraps of card stock. The great thing about a project like this is that I get to use up a lot of the card stock that inevitably gets piled up in my binder and means I have much less paper waste. Love It!


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