Friday, January 7, 2011

Changing Things Up!

Things are being changed around in my house. The plan is to sell the house this year and finally build a home.

We have been renovating, repairing, rearranging and recycling.

Renovating by updating some fixtures and flooring.

Repairing things that just had been left undone for too long and were looking really bad.

Rearranging the rooms. I now have an exercise room. The living room is going where my craft room was and my craft room is going where the living room was. This is the biggest switch as both room have too much stuff, so in the process

Recycling...I am recycling stuff. I have a tonne of books to give to a local second hand book store. I have funature to find new homes for. I am going to give my excess scrapbooking/ crafting stuff to my sister and niece, since they love to craft but rarely purchase anything for it. Clothes I donate as well. It is hard to find new homes for furniture for some reason.

The house is looking pretty good right now...well except for the craft and living rooms because I am still in the middle of switching them around.
Anyway, this is why I have not been posting anything lately. Work is also keeping me busy but not too bad.
I will post pictures of the room when it is finished and perhaps do another video.



Gill said...

I love a good organizing project! Enjoy your new space.

Renate Duclos said...

Hi Tammy,I am just getting back into my blog after a long, long time. For some reason my pretty background disappeared and I have a funny kind of Watermark on it. I have no idea how to make a pretty blog and get rid of that. Maybe , when you have absolutely nothing to do :) you can help me?
Your changes in your home sound wonderful.I miss you. And love you.